Role Playing Games enter my life…

I first came in contact with RPG, soon after I started dating my husband. He wanted me to see what he and his friends were up to, in all those nights “he just couldn’t go out with me”. He had already given me a short explanation of what it was all about, which had registered in my brain like a “boys with toys” kind of thing… If only I had known that about ten years later, I’d be writing a blog about it! 🙂

One night, as he was preparing to leave for his RPG session, he asked me to come along and see for myself how it all went down. Half curious and half condescendent, I agreed. Fifteen minutes later I was entering a room within the grounds of his Engineering college, looking back at about fifteen male faces, all half puzzled, half embarassed to have a girl in the room, although I already knew half of them from some other contexts. They soon got over it, however, and they all sat down to play. It was an AD&D campaign. The DM invited me to sit down next to him, behind the screen, and he began the session. I don’t remember exactly what kind of characters each of them was playing, but I think there was at least one representative of each of the most played races, a lot of humans and … a minotaur. 🙂

Now you’ve got to remember that I had NEVER been in close contact with anything related to medieval fantasy before. And I had a grown man before me saying he was pretending to be a minotaur… with a pair of fifteen-inch horns. Not only that, they were all trying to get into a tube-like transporter, akin to the pneumatic tubes used by the postal service. It should be propelled by a giant spring coil attached to  the wall, that was completely ruined. I bring to notice that we were in a room full of engineers. So, they tried to fix it, so that they could use it.You can’t imagine how fast the conversation became a discussion about the physics behind a spring coil… 🙂

So, now, I’m looking at a guy who’s supposed to be a minotaur with fifteen-inch horns, discussing Hooke’s Law. By now, I’m laughing hysterically and completely sold on the whole concept. Two weeks later, I was playing my first character on a Shadowrun campaign and I haven’t stop playing ever since. 🙂

About Ana Carrilho

I'm a portuguese forty-year-old wife of a gamer geek. I'm also a buddhist, the mother to a beautiful toddler girl and like to think of myself as something of a craft artist.
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