My knight in shining armour…

After leaving Christmas and New Year behind, one of my RPG groups started to play again (finally! 🙂 ). But not without a fight…

Monday nights are for playing WOW RPG. We get together at my place and we play between 9.00 PM and midnight. I’ve got a good size dining table, and a large kitchen, so it’s the best place we can find to play. And for a while we kept up a good schedule, playing every week.

Because of Christmas and the New Year celebrations, and the flu, and people going abroad to work, and a miriad of other things, it’d been at least two monthes since we ‘d played last. Not that I’ve been idle all this time. First, my laptop got stolen, and I had to figure out how much of its contents I had backed up. Then my nephew was born 😀 and the whole family fell in love with this tiny little creature that, without doing or saying much, occupied as much of our time as his mother would allow. Then came Christmas and New Year and all that it entails. In the beginning of January, we started to get in touch with our RPG groups, so that we could start playing again…

Two weeks ago, we were able to get everybody from the WOW group confirmed to restart our sessions. My plan was to start tidying up the place monday after lunch, make some sandwiches and some drinks, and start playing at about 9.00 PM. Good, sound plan, not much potential for anything going wrong, right? 😉

The major advantage of electrical appliances is that you can go about your business while they operate in their intended task. So, if you have some laundry in the dryer, you can go and do any number of things while its program runs its course, right? Most of the time, it will do just that, without a hitch.

I’m starting to think I’ve got some karmic price to pay related to RPG, because that monday afternoon, my dryer decided to explode. I heard a bang and when I got to the kitchen, there was smoke everywhere. Luckily, the circuit-breaker snapped immediately, so there wasn’t any fire, nor much damage to the dryer itself. However, playing an RPG session at my place became impossible, if nothing else, because of the intolerable smell of burnt rubber. By now, I’m not feeling very happy. Not only am I facing the prospect of not washing or drying any clothes for the forseeable future, but my long awaited RPG session is beginning to look like a teasing mirage.

I would like to declare now that I love my husband. My life would be much harder, if he was not around. He was home, when it happened, and he managed to find a repair technician that fixed the dryer in three days (by friday, I was doing my laundry normally 🙂 ), as well as an alternate place for our session. I am a very lucky and very happy woman 😀 .

About Ana Carrilho

I'm a portuguese forty-year-old wife of a gamer geek. I'm also a buddhist, the mother to a beautiful toddler girl and like to think of myself as something of a craft artist.
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  1. Carina says:

    Oi, estou a adorar o teu blog, é mesmo simpático e engraçado! xD Tb sou mulher de um geek, e sou geek assumida, embora os gajos nos consigam sempre ultrapassar nessa matéria… lol (n é um robot, estou-me mesmo a rir). E ele tb é o meu knight in shining armor. ^_^

    Continua a contar mais peripécias! 🙂

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