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I'm a portuguese forty-year-old wife of a gamer geek. I'm also a buddhist, the mother to a beautiful toddler girl and like to think of myself as something of a craft artist.

Why my 2 year-old is vaccinated…

There has been an online raging war about the pros and cons of vaccination, for a long time.  People on both sides say they are basing themselves on science and it gets a bit hard for all of us out … Continue reading


My sins are not your business…

Neither are anyone else’s but yours. Be warned, this is a rant. It has been brought about by the recent wave of panicked homophobia unleashed by the gay marriage and  adoption laws being passed a bit all over the western … Continue reading

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In memoriam…

There are people who touch our hearts just by entering a room. People with such selflessness and genuine love for the world that it’s almost impossible not to feel good around them. I had such a friend. And this New Year’s … Continue reading

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A new life in a new year…

My child is born. She is now almost three weeks old and she is the love and the bane of my life. I never knew that someone could survive as tired as I am. I fret over every single hiccup … Continue reading

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Geeky Dreams…

Sharing a bed with someone every night means your sleep environment is never fully under your control. For example, you can be lying there very still and feel your body literally take flight from the matress, because your spouse, who … Continue reading


Viva a República!

The Portuguese Republic reached her first century today. There have been good times and bad times during these past 100 years, but the principle is still the same. There are no special instituted privileges attached to your family name. Everyone … Continue reading

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Alien Life Form…

I have an alien life form growing inside me and it’s the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had. She’s been there for about six monthes now and it’s eerie feeling her move around in my womb, without any say from … Continue reading

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Unexpected lessons in life…

We’re used to think about our younger siblings as someone you always need to protect and teach. Being the older sister, this is twice as true for me. My preconceived views of my sisters never allowed me to see them … Continue reading

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The abusive strength of our convictions…

I haven’t written for a while. This may happen at some time or another, because life tends to get in the way of our best intentions and my blog has been low on my priority list for some time. However, one … Continue reading

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Frozen in time and space…

Last month we went up north for another RPG retreat. We stayed at an old manor on the biggest mountain range in Portugal. (Thanks for that, Sofia. You’re a life-saver.) The house was beautiful and full of hidden secrets, as all … Continue reading

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